Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Wrong Kind of Snow...

We did cavaletti work today...and he didn't take a lame step.
Although still ouchie - thinking like 99% sure now he needs Dr. Cove - he was moving MUCH better and more freely then he has for the past 2 weeks. Much more rhythmical like he felt in the summer...
What did I say the other day? Movement is key for this horse. That seems to be working.
As I sit here looking out my window at the snow that is falling - you would think I would be getting excited about that. We are supposed to get about 4cms and then some more on Sunday/Monday...(I mean really, what better feeling is there then cantering your horse through a field of fresh, clean fluffy white snow...Well, maybe going clear on your first prelim xc...but that is a whole other story...)
WRONG!!! It is that small itty bitty pellet like stuff that feels like needles when it hits your face. Sigh - this means that there will be no outside hacking, no outside anything and poor Chester will continue to walk around outside like he is peg-legged because the pellet-needle snow will harden and turn to ice because it is so dang cold.
I think we need to do something FUN the barn...maybe an indoor eventing competition?! Or a Combined Test...or something.
Winter sucks.
More soon.

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