Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eventually, I will be Admitted...

When I actually decide that it is time to be won't be because of my fiance, my frustration with my job search or the freezing cold great white North...CHESTER will be the reason I am admitted to the psych ward of the Whitby Mental Health Institute a short jaunt down the 401.
Riddle me this: How does my horse who goes completely dead lame on me yesterday, proceed not to take a lame step this afternoon, but rather: spook at EVERYTHING in the arena (please see the Winter Artificial Training Aid post from the other day), buck under saddle (which he NEVER does), roll completely over twice when we were finished 'schooling', get up, bolt to the far end of the arena blowing hot air out his nostrils, then proceed to prance/trot around with his tail, neck and head straight up in the air like a friggin Stallion....
When I happened to mention this to the barn owner after my ride, her response was: "Bute?!"
When I happened to BBM this latest development to my DVM Extraordinaire, I asked for an explanation...her response: "I find it best not to try and figure them out."
Thanks Doc.
Frigging Horses...

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