Monday, January 10, 2011


I am usually not one for all that hocus pocus, holistic, religious, 'think positive thoughts and it will happen' BS. A couple months back, a horse physic was coming to the barn and I was asked if Chester would like to answer, you guessed it: NO. Considering one of the cutest little quarter horses in our barn turned out to be a 'gay Mexican' (NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT), I don't even want to know what she would have thought of my narrow-chested-gangly-legged-uber-sensitive talented partner in crime. Now, don't get me wrong, if that is your cup of tea, great - I just prefer alcoholic beverages.
If you ask anyone who knows me, I think they would all describe me in the same way: she is very passionate about the things that she enjoys doing, she over thinks EVERYTHING ALL the time (ask my coach how much she loves that part of me...ha!!), she will do anything for anyone and she is always positive. That passionate part of me has gotten me into trouble before...especially in the office...and I have learned that the hard way. And, last week for the first time in a looooong time, I was just sick and tired of being positive. I couldn't take it anymore. It really feels sometimes like the whole World is against you and to be honest, trying to remain positive ALL the time when you are going through a super sh!tty situation is frigging EXHAUSTING. Not to mention somewhat demoralizing AND confidence shattering when you feel like you have 3 kick-ass interviews and you end up getting passed up for other I said - I was just plain effing tried of putting on a brave face. And to be honest - faking it - EFFING SUCKS! However, I have had my freak out and I am again putting on my brave face and taking that step forward...
Now, let's talk about Karma... From what I gather, Karma goes something like this: 'You get what you give'. In other words; whatever you do intentionally to others, a similar thing will happen to yourself in the future. A blog I follow regularly, as in daily, several times a day, is known as Eventing Nation ( ...and, unless you have been hiding in a cave in the middle of the Saudi desert for the past I would say year or year and a half you know what EN is all about. Last Friday, I was given an EN Karma Shout Out. This morning, when I checked my email, I had a response from a job posting I applied to the week before Christmas. I have a phone interview tomorrow at 5:00 p.m...with a Global Organization that has great resources, a forward thinking culture, is close to home and - from my initial research about them - has everything I could ever want in an organization.
Maybe I am becoming a little bit of a believer.