Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am NOT Giving Up...Yet...

This morning - he was head bobbing dead lame....from the second I went to get him from the field.
Updated DVME - her response "Head bobbing is usually associated with something in the front end, usually in the lower limbs, NOT a result of being stiff". Hummm - when he spooked on December 30 and went from super sound to super dead lame, my first reaction was it was something through his shoulder. I swore I had told her that, but anyways, that is neither here nor there at this point in time. What is WORSE then that -is when she was out on Saturday to check him out - he didn't take a damn lame step!!! When I think back to it now, I almost WISH he HAD taken a lame step so she could have seen it. This whole situation is overly frustrating.
She is going to try and come out this afternoon, she is booked solid, but she knows how important this is and is going to do her best. She is so amazing - I am lucky to have her as my vet and more importantly as my friend.
Fingers crossed - I am not giving up yet.
(Although sometimes, I feel like that would be the much easier option.)

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