Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saddles, Supplements & Needles...Oh My...!

Spoke with the Boss and my eventing partner today...they have some ideas about WTF is going on with Pickle.
The hardest thing to answer right now is: How does he go from being in a full program (in which he has never looked better...Boss' words, not mine) to spooking and then becoming lame?! Well - isn't THAT the million dollar question?! When someone figures that out, I would like to be the first one to know. Doesn't make a lot of sense does it...especially after when DVME confirmed that his tendons and ligaments are FINE...which is leading us more and more down the Joint problem path - as DVME expressed the other day. (Great - how am I supposed to take him around a prelim - or pre-training for that matter - xc course when he has joint problems?!)
The joint supplement he is on now is called Joint Armour....which I think we are going to take him off of because I don't think the glucosamine is doing him any good. I have researched a little and came across something called 'Mobility', which is produced in Guelph at the DVM college/research facility at the University of Guelph. http://horseherbs.com/index.php?limitstart=5
Mobility - is the only clinically proven, patent approved herbal arthritis formula for horses. Reduces pain, inflammation and increases movement in horses with arthritis, laminitis or competition horses whose daily activities cause stress on the joints.
Hummmm - that sounds like it is worth a shot - AND the testimonials about it are fab.
As for the Acupuncture - the original DVM that DVME had in mind, won't make the trek unless there is a group of 4 horses (DAMNIT)...So I found one other DVM (which I have called already to talk to and find out about a little more) and The Boss knows of one too....so, I will wait to hear back from both of them and then have DVME make the call. I don't want just anyone sticking my super sensitive TB with needles.
The Boss today asked me to check his saddles (again), as she has always thought they have been a little tight. I have noticed (again) his pure displeasure of being girthed....sigh, she could be on to something. Perhaps the saddle is pinching (again) which is leading to a pinched nerve (again) which is causing his back to be as sensitive as it is. When I am out tomorrow - I will check out his saddles and see (because I am so well trained in that aspect...not) if I can tell if his saddles are tight...I have owned this horse for a year and 4 months and have gone through 2 jumping and 2 dressage saddles in the time I have owned him. He has changed sooo much in his body since I have owned him that I hope this isn't the case again.
Lastly - Boss goes to me: "You need to keep riding him and RIDING him like you were right before Christmas. If he feels sore, back off a little, then make him do it again. This is as much in your head as it is in his." I think the Boss and DVME talk about me behind my back.
Eff. Technically, horses are not supposed to cause us any stress right? Realistically, that is the farthest thing from the truth.

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