About Carrie...

 I am an 'early' 30 something who unfortunately has to have a day job in order to support my night job. 
Chester came to me in October 2009.  I am only his second ever owner...if that isn't pressure, I don't know what it.  I work really hard to make sure I give Chester every opportunity to succeed and provide him with every chance to be something.  See, someone once told his original owner that 'He will never be anything and he will never jump'.  Huh, funny how things end up sometimes.
I work in Human Resources...Truth is, I am also very lucky to be one of those people out there who actually enjoy what they do for a living.  Knowing that it is my job to act as a sounding board for my staff's problems, concerns and issues then being able to turn it around into a new policy or procedure that eliminates the original issue...is very gratifying.
I have an amazing significant other...who I drive crazy with all the horse stuff.  He tries his best to be patient when I tell him what is going on with Chester and thinks that I am absolutely mental when I choose to forgo a weekend at the cottage so I can get up at 4:00 a.m. on a Sunday to drive to an event.  (I actually question my own thinking sometimes.) 
I started this blog to be able to keep a running commentary of our journey towards our ultimate goal.  Since starting it about a year ago, it has been a roller coaster for us.  There have been many 'ups' but also a lot of downs.  Someone once told me that: Horses will break your heart no matter if you are a professional or a girl who has just bought her first pony.  Chester breaks my heart almost daily: whether it is because he finally gets something and has one of his light bulb moments, or because he isn't feeling quite like himself.
He has made me a better person in the time that I have owned him.  And most importantly has taught me something new every day...be it about myself, or about how much I DON'T know about horses and taking care of them.  Through all the trials, tribulations and successes, most importantly, we are a team and we are in it together and I will do anything for that horse.  He knows it.  I know he would do the same for me.
Thanks for coming along on this journey with me I hope you find it as interesting as I do.