Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Not To Ride Through Water...

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the Easter weekend at my xc coach’s farm, about 20 minutes up the highway from where Colby usually stays. Taking advantage of the long weekend and gorgeous weather we have been having, it was decided Colby would be having a sleepover at Uncle John’s.

The purpose being, to have a boot camp of sorts and introduce Colby – who turned 4 in January – to changes in terrain (from dirt to grass and vice versa), solid obstacles, little banks and drops, get comfortable going up and down changes in grade, etc. Part of the ‘etc.’ consisted of getting her toes wet again in the water.

She was introduced to water late last summer so we weren’t starting from scratch. Not that I thought we were going to have any issues – the mare is so bold and brave, she constantly surprises me by taking to everything with ease. Our first day there, we had about a 30 second disagreement conversation about which way to go and then - she daintily stepped in and splooshed around. In her defence, it was a little on the deep side (maybe up to her knee) so, I would have been a little cautious too. Shortly, she was calmly walking into and out of the splash like it was no big deal. Day 2 - she walked right in without any hesitation. She was trotting into and out of the splash comfortably.

Day 3. No more playing nice. We approach at a canter and she would have 2 choices, to go forward OR to go forward. This sequence of photos tells the story of How Not To Ride Through Water.

Redemption!!! This is a much better stick attempt on my part!


  1. Well, she definitely went forward.

  2. OMG!!! Forward she is!!She's a beast for sure.