Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Boot Camp

This weekend will either go very very well - or will be a total disaster. 

The filly and I - well, technically, I can't call her the filly anymore because she turned 4 in January, but whatever - are packing up and heading the short distance down the 401 to my xc's coach's place for the long weekend,  Welcome to Eventing 2012 boot camp.

While it would be fabulous to have the unlimited amount of resources some of those other guys have - and have the luxury of having been in Florida for the past 3 month, I do not...not to mention sending a barely 4 year old to Florida would have been the best way to spend my $$, but that's a different story.

We make the best of what we have...and what we have, is John's incredible farm and property to school on. You name it, he's got it!!  The plan is to really give her a run for the money, give her a lot to look at, get her feet wet - and hopefully her rider stays dry!! - and let her open up for the first time since last fall.  We have been incredibly lucky this winter with the weather and there are portions of John's property that are completely dried up already. Fantastic.

What do we think?  Will the devil or the angel show up?  Your guess is as good as mine!!

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