Monday, January 17, 2011

Driving Me BONKERS...

If it is Chester's goal to make me go "WTF?!" on a regular basis, then he succeeds with flying colours.
Given the -22C it is right now, there was no chance that I was going to ride...But, because I love my horse more then just about anything else in this World, I put on my snow pants, put my finger and toe warmers on and headed to the barn so I could do Chester's stretches like the good owner that I am.
He loves to stretch. And, is good at it. I can feel him give his legs over to me and if I didn't know any better, would think that he is sighing when we get a good stretch in. He was a little flinchy along his spine through his tendons as I was getting back to his rump...and I couldn't tell if it was him being ouchie or being the sensitive soul that he is... The next time the amazing Dr. Cove is out, I will have him take a quick look to see if he needs any adjusting.
By the time we were done stretching, the Pickle was out in full force. With his cooler on, we headed into the indoor so he could roll...which was the absolute last thing on his mind. He...for the better part of 20 minutes... lunged himself around me, trotting, cantering and throwing in the odd buck here and there. He finally calmed the eff down long enough to have a good roll.
He didn't take a lame step.
I swear this horse is going to drive me to drink. He makes me absolutely bonkers.
We will attempt to ride tomorrow. And by ride I mean long and low and stretching...fingers crossed.
Stay Warm!

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