Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Loaded Spook Show...

You know what isn't a good time...? Riding a very fit event horse for the first time in 2 weeks because he has been off...holy, what an experience...!!!

Dogs in the trees = spook

Dogs in the arena = spook

A slight breeze = spook

A rock in the arena = spook

A branch overhanging into the arena = spook

A jump he has seen a million times before = spook

A set of poles lying on the ground = spook

A horse being hand walked 100 meters from the outdoor arena = spook/squeal

You get my drift.

Perhaps 'Spook' is the wrong word. I think bucking/half rearing/acting like a complete jackass is a better reference. To the point where I was telling him to 'get it together'.

Regardless, the Pickle feels good...very good and he made sure I was fully aware of that fact last night. At least I was able to make him keep his head down and we didn't look like a Giraffe in a 3 ring circus.

Note to self - Self, remember that he has had 2 weeks off, which isn't a good thing for this horse, so of course he is going to have a LOT of built up energy.

I am hoping tonight is better...what the poor bugger doesn't know is that he is in for 30 minutes of lunging (WITH SIDE REINS) on Saturday AND Sunday...jerk...that'll teach him to be a donkey.

And yes, he did in fact squeal...several times...

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