Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Horse, Comes First

So, considering I am delinquent in posting, let me give you my reasons as to why:
1. Did everyone happen to forget that I work for an accounting Firm and the last 2 weeks of April are the worst 2 weeks of my life? Nuff said.
2. I spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday being very unproductive in the office (yes I worked ALL those day) because Rolex was on. I was the definition of unproductive. I had a live chat (hosted by the amazing http://www.eventingnation.com/) AND the live feed through Universal Sports open on my screen for 4 days straight...hey - you make me work the weekend that Rolex is on, you can expect I will be watching it.
3. I have been feeling horrible about Chester's condition and have been spending a LOT of time over the weekend and yesterday and today, getting him sorted out. The short version: I am moving him out of his current barn and into another one. Okay, since I know you will ask, here is the long version:
The Long Version:without sounding too horrible and pointing fingers is that Chester was not getting the basic care and necessities he needs to be a happy/healthy/horse. I ran into someone I went to College with on Sunday, who happened to be coaching at the barn that was hosting a show that some of the kids were going too...she asked where my horse was, looked horrified and said, why don't I show you around here? Nice stalls, TONS OF TURNOUT, nice people, SHAVINGS IN THE STALLS, great hacking, xc schooling jumps, closer to home, less $/month. Jen, the person I ran into basically summed it up perfectly and much better then I ever could: We're not as fancy a facility as 'Current Barn that will remain Nameless', but we give much better care. She's right. The horses were all healthy, fat (in the good way), shiny, bright eyed, happy to see people...much different then the depressed looks you get when you walk into Current Barn that will remain Nameless. So, after swinging a couple things for me and introducing me to the owner, whose name happens to be Jen also, Chester has a new home! He will be moving tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m....ugh...so, I will be a little late for work, but at this point, there is NOTHING I WON'T DO FOR THIS HORSE OF MINE to make him better and feel like he used too. After a couple frantic phone calls, everything is arranged and we are out of there tomorrow morning.
Now - this is the tricky part...the current barn, doesn't know I am leaving yet. The worst thing about all of this, is that he has been taken such poor care of, that my dad, both Jens and The Boss have all said, "Make sure he is tucked into his stall safe and sound and then just txt the owners that you are moving him out in the morning"...ugh, that is not going to be fun.
4. The prognosis on Chester. It is coming on 4 weeks, tomorrow actually, that he has been off. Elisha, my vet extraordinaire, who I can't do anything without, confirmed for me that he has a deep muscle bruise under his tailbone which is causing the pain in his hips...he is still quite ouchie when you press in the right spot (I mean, wouldn't you if you got reared up onto?) She said lunging and hacking only. Joyce and I were there on Sunday and witnessed poor Pickle getting the sh*t kicked out of him by his pasture mate...to the point where it was almost not safe for me to go in and get him. So also said to get some Traumeel Gel Ointment (sorta like a very very very strong version of A535) and work that into his hips, and to keep a sheet on him to keep the muscles warm. Also, to turn him out into the indoor with boots on(at current barn) so he can have a boot around like a maniac. Trust me: HE FEELS FINE, especially after witnessing him run around like a maniac yesterday evening (he is bonkers). She said the fact he doesn't have anywhere to run, doesn't help him either because those hip muscles stay tight and tense...he needs to be able to move and keep them loose.
So - all signs are pointing in the right direction, and I am still hoping to hit Grandview May 29...BUT, if the Pickle needs more time...he gets it.
More tomorrow after the move....wish me luck.

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