Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Long Lost Twin

It is funny how people you don't even know can make such an impact on your life. Leslie Law is one of the all time greats of the Eventing World; decorated career, many wins, Olympic Gold, amazing horses...and he just so happened to marry a Canadian event rider: Lesley Grant (now, Law). Leslie is going to Rolex (see the post from a couple weeks ago) and was asked to be a featured rider...basically the Rolex organizers ask 4 of the riders to chronicle the 4 months leading up to the main event. Lesley ('ey') is writing on behalf of Leslie ('ie) and she is absolutely talented and opinionated in her is amazing.

Leslie's partner for Rolex is Mystere du Val...aka Bean. This is how Ey describes Bean: "All legs, neck and ears, Bean is the greyhound of the barn ~ flighty, skinny and alert at all times, he is a quirky yet very very lovable character. It hasn't been all roses however, as just like many an exceptional horse or person, Bean is an eccentric. He is incredibly spooky and more than once in the early days would break from a lengthen trot to a full out gallop in the dressage ring, or go from a 1/2 pass right to an exit stage right"...HUH...? That's what I said....The first time I read Ey's description of Bean...I thought it was Chester that was on route to Rolex...(ha, could you IMAGINE that?!) Never could I have explained Chester's personality better if I had come up with it on my own. Not only are they they the EXACT same in personality, they look very very similar...see...? I feel ike saying to Chester - "look how Bean does it, and do that..."
(In case you couldn't tell, Chester is on the top...haha.)

I was so in awe of Ey's description of Bean, I had to email her and tell her....not that she has ANY idea who I am, but, I just couldn't help it.

This is the link to their website: Check it out...they are 2 super cool people (not like I know them personally), who I have the utmost respect for and who one day dream of having 1/2 of the amount of success they have.

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