Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Launch

Well - the Pickle basically dragged me to the trailer, and practically jumped onto it on his own. Self-loader much?
I am hoping as my best friend just said to me :That he really likes it there and you never have to move him again. That's you and me both sister.
In typical Pickle fashion, he arrived at said new place and got off the trailer calmly and immediately started munching grass, not giving a sh*t about the other horses who were desperately trying to get his attention. I though the field full of mares was going to try and jump the fence to get at him "ooooo, who's the handsome new guy?"
We put him into a small field (which happens to be 4 times the size of the one he was in before, I'm not exaggerating), he then proceeded to prance and snort around like he owned the place for all of 36 seconds, then started eating.
The new barn owner (her name is Jen) looked at me and goes 'He's uh, pretty calm eh?" My response: "Yeah, until I start riding him and he turns into a spook show".
Okay Pickle - it's you and me now, let's get you off the Injured List!
Apparently, he is settling in fine and you wouldn't think he was the new kid on the love love LOVE that horse.
Heading there tonight after my day job, more tomorrow.
ps - you should see ALL the shavings in his stall. I might even take a picture of it!

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