Thursday, April 8, 2010


I was amazed this morning when I opened my email to have... A REPLY FROM LESLEY LAW....WTF?!!! Amazing!!! Honestly, I feel like a 15 year old girl who got a personal response from Edward Cullen...
In a nutshell, she said thanks for the feedback about her Rolex posts, that if we are ever at an event at the same time to absolutely come by with Bean's twin and introduce yourself and, the BEST part...Leslie will be doing a clinic in August up in Tottenham and I should bring my guy to it!!! Now, normally I am not really a fan a clinics, because you spend too much money, there are too many people and you normally are better off as an auditor...but, get this...Leslie will also be doing PRIVATE lessons on one of the days...So, obviously, I emailed the appropriate Canada Eventing rep, asked for the necessary forms...annnnnnnnnd, yours truly and the Pickle will get to spend 45 minutes with Leslie Law himself in August...Go PICKLE!! Woot!!
Humm - I guess I had better start to beg/borrow/steal to make sure I have the necessary monies in my pocket! Who knows, maybe he will think we are THAT good that he will invite me down to his farm in VA and I can become a 'working student' I too old for that?!

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