Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feelin' Groovy!

To summarize Pickle's last 24 hours:

1.Chester has a brand new HUGE FIELD. He was turned out in a smaller one when he first got there and Jen moved him over to the big one early in the afternoon. Out with the 'other avoiders' as she put it. I love that expression.
2. When I went to get him, he was wayyyy out in the middle of the field. I called him, he raised his head, CANTERED towards me (I know eh?!) looked like he was going to stop, then at the last possible second, without running me over said 'up yours lady', side stepped and cantered off happily to the gate, where he promptly turned to look at me with a look that said 'hurry up already'...Chester has NEVER run like that EVER when he has been out and I have gone to get him. I'll let him have this one, although I was swearing at him for making me walk all the way out there like that.
3. My goal last night was to walk him around calmly, and let him look at everything that was "new". Considering it was windy (more like a typhoon), there were scary things that were going to eat him, it was more of a prance/piaffe with his giraffe neck and 34 foot sideways jumps on no notice, it didn't necessarily go as planned.
4. I then turned him out in the indoor arena...and rather then take off like a maniac like he had been doing at the old farm, he trotted and cantered around...nicely...and even jumped one of the little caveletti...huh? What?...I know eh?
He is feeling pretty groovy and probably bored out of his mind because he hasn't really been worked in a month. I am starting to ride him again, with the goal of trying to keep him long and low. We have exactly a month (on Sunday) to get back into eventing form so he can make his debut. Hopefully the typhoon has died down and I will actually have success tonight walking to the outdoor without having a piaffing giraffe to ride....

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  1. So Glad he is has a field looks like he definitely remembers how to 'be a horse'.