Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rolex Prediction

So - the Big R (see previous 'not your grandfather's watch' post) begins on Thursday morning....YAY...that means Thursday and Friday will be VERY unproductive in the office...
Anyways - the next best thing since sliced bread is Eventing Nation...
--> www.eventingnation.com
AND, the extremely talented, opinionated and witty administrators of that site have put together a little 'Rolex Challenge'...basically asking people to predict the best of the best, winner and even better WINNING SCORE...they are awesome. Anyway, here are my predictions:
Dressage score under 45: Courageous Comet (has consistently been under 45)
Double Clear XC: Woodburn (he is an xc Machine and I will be informing Chester to pay close attention...AND arguably the best and maybe more importantly in this case, fastest rider in the world is his pilot...gee, text book round much?)
Winner: The Foreman (because he really is due...AND arguably the best rider in the world is his pilot...)
Winning Score: 42.7 (Amazing isn't it? Last years winning score was in the 30's!!!)

Sign up and go check out the site, they are amazing...what are everyone's predictions?
Here is the Rolex site again: www.rk3de.org

I will be lecturing Pickle on the importance of making it to Rolex in 2015 during our school tonight...ha.

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