Monday, April 4, 2011

Annnnd So It Begins...

And Lots
And Lots
AND LOTS of trotting.
We have been given the all clear to use the tractor path - literally that is what it is - so we can start our trot sets again.  Which is actually a blessing in disguise because, there - in my none professional opinion - is nothing that can be better for the Pickle at this point in time then trotting in a long straight line for endless minutes on end....well, there is always the 'Hill', but we haven't been given clearance for that yet.  When BO and I were talking about it I said to her: "Look, I think you know out of all of us here, that I value our grass fields more then anyone else!"  Because that is where our xc jumps are...d'uh! Anyways, I have the all clear to use the tractor path and it really literally is a looong straaaiiiggght path.  It takes about 3 or 4 minutes to trot the whole thing one way...actually, I should wear my watch tomorrow and see exactly how long it is.  That is a good project for me.
Anyways - we have done it twice now...including tonight, in a rain/mist/wind storm...remind me to NEVER do that again...there is a video floating around of Sarah Cousins from Morven Park - I think?! - this past weekend, she was going along the Intermediate XC IN A FLIPPIN HAIL STORM - so I guess I don't have anything to complain about.  BUT - Chester knows ALL too well what this path is all about.  Right now, we go up and back 3 times round is about 15 minutes of trot and 5 or 6 minutes of walk. I'll do this a couple more times and then build it up to 4 round trips, then 5 and then 6.  Someone commented to me just tonight that his muscle tone/development is already building again...YAY!!  If I do nothing but this for the next 2 weeks, I think it will make all the difference.  I'm going to ride in the arena only once a week and do some pole work.  HOPEFULLY, by the third week of April, he will be strong enough to be able to go back into the sandbox and start schooling 20 meter circles (gag) and then the last week of April we will pop him over a few jumps and see how he makes out.  This is of course only Plan A...annnnnnnd as I have come to learn, especially with this horse, Plan B, C, D and E are usually pretty good ideas to have.
Hummm - I wonder what I should pack for ROLEX?!

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