Thursday, April 21, 2011

And Then I Got To Thinking...

Rolex Guest Blog numero uno -->

OKay kids - off to build a solitary confinement cell.
Wish me luck.


  1. Woohoo, great job! You will LOVE Lexington. I wish I could make it up this year. Don't worry, the cops on I-75 will give you 5 mph over and not harrass you. Unless you look like a drug dealer. And unless they have changed the rules recently, you can bring in whatever beverages you want.

    It ALWAYS rains at least one day at Rolex. Now that I have said that, it won't rain. But it always does. Ky spring is a lesson in flexibility.

    I cannot even tell you how much I love my horse park (yes, it is MY horse park, LOL) and I know you will have the time of your life! Rolex isn't as "poor-person-friendly" as it used to be, sadly, I guess that is part of growing, but it's still a fantastic spectacle of incredible athletes.

  2. Thanks Dude!!
    I wish you were going!! I would have loved to meet you...However, I promise you can live vicariously through me for the 4 days I am there. What would should I do? Best Food stand? Help me OUT!

    Yep - it'll pour (so, by saying it outloud, now it won't?!)

    And the BEST NEWS of the day: BEER IS ALLOWED IN BACKPACKS! Yessssssssssssssssssss!!

    I promise to take care of your horse park...
    (And, I am pretty sure, for the most part, I don't look like a drug coach on the other hand...well, that is a different story.)

  3. My favourite things to do: watch the dressage warmup rings (watching the same test 30 times bores me) -- you get to hear the coaches and take way better pics.

    I also always visit the Hall of Champions in the horse park (make time for the Park itself, it's worth it) and say hello to the studly studs, both the familiar name plates and new arrivals. Another tradition: in the horse park visitor center, there is a short video called "They Shalt Fly Without Wings." I have always loved it and found it beautiful, I watch it every time. It's just about all the activities we do with horses, from dressage to gymkhana to farm work to saddle seat.

    On XC day, I usually avoid the huge crowd at the water jump and keep moving around the course. I hang out at the start box for a bit, then head out on course.

    I haven't been to stadium day since they started assigning seating (the seating nazis!!) but it's always an exciting run to the finish.

    The trade fair is always packed (never go there or the food tents at noon unless you love being a sardine) -- but there are bargain boxes around, I've picked up some great $3 leg wraps, a beautiful pair of stubben reins (which are my favourite reins to this day) for $20, and I always get an official poster.

    I just get cheap, simple food while I'm there, so no special tips there, most of it is too pricey for my income bracket.