Monday, April 11, 2011

I mean, REALLY...???

After what was a super weekend and a somewhat stressful Monday morning, I was really looking forward to getting to the barn this afternoon to see Chester and ride.
See, I might have popped him over a little x-rail on Saturday and he might have acted like it was not a big deal and that he hadn't NOT jumped since the middle of December.  While still not 100%, he is absolutely at 90% and with the extra pushing he will get from now on, it will either determine IF he is good to go, if he has to spend a year in a field doing nothing but getting over whatever it is that is making him plateau at 90%.  as I was leading him into the barn, one of the other boarders was there and she goes.: 'ummmmm, his shoe is half off,' WHAT??!! Sure enough, the same shoe he pulled while schooling the other day, was a good 2 inches off his foot. FML. I mean, come ON CHESTER...REALLY?!  I stared at him in disbelief. This horse, never and I mean NEVER pulls shoes.  After sighing openly and loudly, I stuck him in his stall and went to get the pinchers to get the shoe off.  Muttering under my breath about how thankful he should be that I don't make him go barefoot all together and how thank GOD DVME taught me how to pull a shoe way back when.
Thankfully, farrier was able to come out and put it back on...his greeting to me was "Your horse used to be on the top of my list of horses I like to work with...he ain't no more."  Thanks farrier...I apologized profusely and promised to buy him a 60 of Jack to make up for it.
The fields are muddy, the boys are feeling frisky and there is a lot of playing going on.  The mud, is a good 6 - 8 inches deep in places.  Farrier says "well, think about it, if its muddy and they are running, that one extra mili-second it takes for him to move his foot, is enough for him to catch it with his hind."
So, he will go out in bell boots for the next couple of weeks until all the mud dries up.
Needless to day, there was no riding today.  I mean really, if it isn't one thing with this horse, it is something else.
We will try again tomorrow.
And hopefully ALL his shoes will be on when I get there.

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