Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hair Pulling...

There are several things in life that I will never, ever understand.  Men and horses being on the top of that list.  While my SO might argue with me that men were put on this planet to annoy the hell out us women - okay, that makes perfect sense eh? - I can not and probably will not ever understand for life of me, horses.
At present time - there is a typhoon going on outside.  You know - when the rain decides to hammer you seemingly from all directions and appears to be more horizontal then vertical?  The horses, were not happy about it.  Neither was I.  As I was walking out to get poor Chester, he and his 2 other pasture mates were standing with their butts into the cyclone force winds, noses lowered to the ground.  The only difference with Chester, was that he was shaking, visibly.  He was freezing.  He only had on a rain sheet - because it had been really nice out up until today - and it was obviously not enough given the rain, wind and what I am sure was a minus something or rather with the windchill.  :-( Poor dude. I felt bad for him.
That was, until I led him inside where on the walk in, he pranced the whole way, snorting and arching his neck. Ummm really?  Once inside, he stood trembling because he was so cold (at this point I really did feel bad for him again), so I threw his cooler on and we went for a little bit of a walk in the indoor....that lasted for about 5 minutes because as you can imagine - the wind and rain pounding on the roof made for some interesting noises....not to mention that there were several new xc jumps in there which he thought were hiding places for horse eating monsters...Note to Chester - YOU ARE AN EVENT I stood there watching him balk at a palisade. 
Off the lead rope, he prance/buck/farted around the indoor and I swear to god, the ONLY reason you could tell that he had anything wrong with him, was because I know there is something wrong for him.  I might try to hop on him tomorrow if he trots out the same way.  It will be interesting to see what happens. And, DVME comes out on Tuesday (because she just told me she is at her big breeding farm client all day Monday) to block, so I would like to be able to tell her exactly what I felt the day or two before.
In the meantime, I will try not to pull my hair out trying to figure out just what exactly IS wrong with him.  I think it is better to try to NOT try and sort it all out....especially because at this point, my horse appears to be our friend Charlie Sheen.
PS - as a word of caution, I would recommend NOT entering 'hair pulling' into Google Image Search.

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