Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Program Is Not Suitable For Children...Or Kittens...

Well, DVME, won.
There is a lot of information I have to process. So for now, because it is all I can handle, this is what I know for sure:
Chester has soft tissue damage in his front left.
We're looking at at least 3 months of stall rest (which I abruptly put a kibosh on given what happened last time and BO and I are building him a small turnout tomorrow and Thursday.)
Then turn out in a small paddock
Then we can maybe start to trot around August or maybe July if we are lucky
He may or may not fully recover.
I have a lot to sort out, a lot to process, a lot of decisions to make.  But one thing I know for certain, is Chester, will not be eventing this summer...with the slight slight slight possibility of never again on the side.  DVME wanted me to be prepared for that.
Insert tears here.


  1. A hug for you and Chester. Then a bigger hug. My jumping trainer gave me very good advice last year: never make plans more than 3 months in advance with horses. Everything can change. I am so sorry because I know how heartbreaking news like this is. I also know more than a few horses with insane injuries who have come back and are running around 4 foot jumps. So here's another hug for you and try not to get to far ahead of yourself.

  2. I don't even know what to say other then I'm so sorry and ditto what Eventer79 said. I'm thinking of you and Chester.

    - Sarah

  3. Hugs are muchly appreciated.
    While my heart is completely shattered, it could have been worse...and although that is NOT what I to hear right now, I am forcing myself to attempt to believe it.

  4. I'm so sorry it's bad news, BUT I agree that turnout will do him much more good than being cooped up and agitated.