Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bet You'd Never Guess...

...That I own the laziest TB in the World.
He was flat out on his side this afternoon getting his tan on...too bad he knew I was coming and was able to heave himself up before I could take a picture.  
Chester: Mom, SERIOUSLY...??!!
That's twice in TWO days now!!

If there are 20 horses in the back paddocks, I would bet that 15 of them were all lying down this afternoon.  Mr. Wrangler beside Chester in the red, is proof of that.  Look at his cute little face!! I just adore him!!
It REALLY felt like spring today.  Too bad they are calling for flurries and rain for the next 2 days.
Boo Rain, Yay Spring!!!!
(humm, but, I guess they both go hand in hand.)

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