Friday, March 11, 2011

80% And Holding...

....holding until this time tomorrow when Chester gets his shoes put back on!!
We have a new arrival at the barn!! The first foal of the year was born on Wednesday evening around 10:00 p.m.  He is a beautiful bay, with an off-set star and on hind white sock.  His name is debatable.  I say 'Charlie'...we will see what happens.  Here he is...OMG - I could just take a bite right out of him!!!

Soooo - with the arrival of little 'Charlie', also came the arrival of DVME...she bbm'd me and said : I'm coming to see the baby around 1, can you make it? I'd love to take a quick peek at Chester while I am there.
Gee - let me think about that...
Long story short, we are allllmost there.  There is a little bit of reaction when she tests his frog and outer hoof wall, but other then that, the horse is a million times better then he was a week ago!! YES CHESTER! She feels as though the next 10% to get us to 90 will come once the shoes are back on and that last 10% from when I start to ride him again.  Which will be on Monday.  We are going to give him some bute today through to Monday as a precautionary to his shoes getting put back on.  Speaking of which - he will get leather pads and be packed with Equi-pak for one cycle...which will help him immensely.  Then at the end of April, he'll get his hind shoes on for the start of the show season!!
Spoke with the Boss this morning as she was wanting an update. She. Was. THRILLED!!! I told her I was a little concerned about being ready for May 21 and she literally laughed at me. "Now Carrie, remember last year when he got hurt? You jumped for the first time in 4 months and then went to an event 10 days later before ever schooling cross country.  He will be fine."  God love the voice of reason.  She is right - of course - we will be ready and we will rock it!
He really is starting to feel like himself again, the gleam is back in his eye, he knows spring is coming and I feel like he is as anxious as I am to get back into it.  Love him.
I am excited for his shoes to go back on. I am excited to ride him on Monday (easily). I am excited to put this behind us. I am excited for another chapter along The Embarcadero to be done.  Most importantly, I am so so so excited to be getting my Partner in Crime back.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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