Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We Are, Getting It Together...!!!

You know what I saw today?! I saw:
A HAPPY HORSE, who came to greet me in his field
A horse who was resting his hind legs in the cross ties...haven't seen that in months
A free trot with a rounded neck and back and tail streaming out like a flag
A bucking, snorting dragon
The pickle - out and dangling after his romp around the arena.
The best my horse has looked since December 30, 2010.

Dr. Cove comes tomorrow.
Farrier comes Friday.
I WILL ride my horse on the weekend...


  1. Ask your farrier about leather pads -- often better at molding to the horse's foot and won't trap moisture and cause issues like the rubber pads do. We went through a pad phase too, Solo's feet got all gross on the bottom, I won't do that again. But the leather, being a natural fiber, seems to short-circuit the problems we had, according to folks I have talked to.

  2. YES!! THANK YOU for that confirmation...I was wondering about it myself because I know there are different options. Farrier showed them to me and they are leather! I am excited for him to get his shoes back on.
    I trust my farrier completetly - I mean, if the snobby jumpers fly him down to FLA once a month... he has to be some-what good at what he does right? ;-)