Friday, March 25, 2011



I'm going to Rolex!!! Ha - NO, Chester did not all of a sudden become a 4* horse overnight.  The Boss, Kelly and I are headed down to watch.  Do you know how excited I am about that?! I can't believe in all the years I have been riding I have a - never been to Kentucky and b - never been to Rolex...huh, I guess they go hand in hand.. Anyways, I am so friggin excited, you have no idea.  I can't think of better people to spend the weekend with and watching the spectacular display of horsemanship and horseflesh do what they do best.  So inspiring...and we haven't even gotten there yet!!
You know what else?! I am going to be Guest Blogging for EcoGold ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
a -  I absolutely adore Patricia - AND I CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET HER - I think that is what I am most excited about!!!
b - Talk about a huge opportunity and honour to get to blog for EcoGold.
c - If someone has a video camera they want to lend me for the weekend so I can walk around and give a perspective from an ammie's 1st time trip to Rolex, that would be great.  Because then, I could get all technically Savvy and post the videos to the EcoGold Blog....not like I have any idea how to do that, but I am sure someone could help me out.
d - Even better - if someone can hook me up with a media pass so I can wander around like a moron who doesn't know any better with said above mentioned video camera, that would make my month.
I will show everyone my Happy Dance
Should I actually get a video camera/media pass
Can you tell I am excited much?!
If any of you commentators/followers are going to be there too - PLEASE LET ME KNOW...I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU!!!!
Chester continues to improve and we will be doing some trot poles/cavaletti over the weekend - I am sure he is just as excited as I am about that.
Humm - speaking of Chester, although he didn't become a 4* horse overnight...if you give us 4 years, I will be writing a similar post with a title along the lines of: ROLEX...Here. We. Come.
(By then, I promise to have my own video camera and promise to find the time to continue to walk around in an awe-struck fashion, as an ammie, at my first time riding Rolex...and you can BET The Boss and Kelly will be right there beside me as we do it!! I couldn't think of doing it any other way.)


  1. Ohhhh! I'm so jealous! I've never been to Rolex and I keep saying next year and it never happens. Have a blast! I can't wait to read your reports! (Do you think I could use more exclamation points?!?!)

    - Sarah

    PS So glad Chester is doing well.

  2. OMG Sarah - THANK YOU!
    I am almost Jealous of myself!!! If that makes any sense!!??
    I am so so friggin excited, as you can probably tell!
    I can't WAIT to write all about it and share it with everyone...!
    ps - I'm glad Chester is feeling better too - nothing could make me happier!

  3. Carrie!

    #1. Ok, I'm officially embarrassed about a)

    #2. You don't need a media pass! It's a blog from a spectator's perspective, so as long as you have tickets to get in & watch, you're good.

    See you in Kentucky!


  4. Congrats, you will love it. Those are my old home stomping grounds there at the horse park! Tips: watch the dressage warmup rings -- you'll see more action closer than if you watch the same test 40 times AND you get to listen to the trainers. If there is a jump on the XC course with a big vertical face and surprises behind it, don't watch that one, that's where horses and riders fall. DO wander the XC course until your feet fall off (which they will), it's totally worth it. DO take advantage of the admission to the horse park and check out the Hall of Champions and the Museum of the Horse -- fantastic. Ahhh, I can smell my childhood from here....

  5. @ Patricia - I was just thinking the media pass would get me places that technically I wouldn't be allowed to go without it...hence the desire to get my hands on one! ps - DON'T BE EMBARRASSED!! I seriously am so excited to meet you in person!!

    @ Eventer79 - AWE.SOME!!! Great tips. We were already thinking that watching the dressage warm up would be better then the actual tests. I love your brain! Ugh - here is hoping for safe xc rounds for everyone. I think we will stay away from the Quarry should it be used this year (shuddering). I plan on wearing my walking shoes for sure and plan to walk more miles then anyone else there.
    I promise to try and rehash your childhood for you!

    keep the tips coming - they are supurb!!

  6. We don't get media passes as we're not a media. But in any case, those don't get you anywhere exciting. Only in a press room.