Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Want It To Be Over...NOW...!!

Annnnnd here I was thinking that with a couple snaps, cracks and pops, I would have my horse back... Not so much.  Chester this morning, and afternoon and evening, was almost worse then he was yesterday. Ummm - I thought Dr. Cove was supposed to fix you?  I guess his magic wand wasn't working as well as it had been in the past.  Dammit!! I want my horse back!?
Logic here - Of course he is going to be more sore today then he was yesterday moron - would you feel like the cat's ass if you had all that cracking and popping going on? Doubt it. Pack your patience Missy, this is going to take a couple days.
Hey logic - Two words: EFF! OFF!
Dr. Cove assured me that his stiffness in front is because of alllll the things that were wrong in his hind end. And I am doing my best to believe him.  This is going to take time.  I mean, that makes sense right?! All his muscles have basically shriveled up into nothing and all of a sudden he is moving again.  If it were me, I would hate that. And be sore in the process of beginning to move again.  Dr. Cove was nice enough to point out where my pelvis was - and he said to me 'what would you do if you got hurt right there?'  My response was something along the lines of 'become stiff as a board'.  I guess when you weigh 1200 pounds, working out the kinks takes a while. (The horse weighs 1200 pounds, not me...ha.)  I did ride one of Kelly's horse's today - Tiki - and we had a little jump lesson with The Boss at their, speaking of sore, it has been almost 2.5 months since I have ridden - let alone jump anything - and I am pretty sure tomorrow morning when I wake up, I will be feeling much like Chester is.
He was out of his stall for 5 hours today...and I spent 5 hours today walking around the arena, making sure he kep moving as much as possible. (Not a whole 5 hours straight mind you.)  He comes out of his stall sooo stiff - it is heartbreaking..but then as soon as he is in the arena he moves much better.  He will also be the recipient of a Hot Towel/Epsom Salt soak tomorrow morning before I make him walk. 
Here is hoping we see improvement tomorrow. 
Speaking of magic wands, I could really use one right now...


  1. Bute, heating pads, and moist towels can go a long way.

  2. Chiro appointments will do that to you... I was in an accident years back and had to see a chiro a couple of times a week, and i was always really sore and had a bad head ache a couple of days after - and by then, it was time for a new appointment. I was pretty miserable for a while, BUT it slowly started helping and in the end i was back to my old self. I'm sure that'll happen to Chester too! He's bound to feel stiff now, but he'll be better soon:o) At least now you know what's been going on with him, and that's a huge step forward! Just let him take some time to get better:o)

  3. For the record - I AM sore today!! Lol - sooo I guess I have to give Chester a little bit of a break!
    ER79 - I am headed there momentairly with a bunch of old towels...will probably give him bute for a couple days too. Good suggestion and THANK YOU
    Angelina - THANK YOU for your story because I am sure Chester is the mirror image of what you were going through.
    Today is anoter day and he can only get better from here!