Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In the grand scheme of things, I have a lot to be thankful for and truth be told it could be a hell of a lot worse.  I think immediately about the less then perfect weekend for a lot of riders in the US and in the UK who lost their Partners in Crime.  My heart breaks for them and I wish them nothing but the small condolence that their partners are now in a place where no harm, no pain, can come to them.  My thoughts are with you all.
Today was a day that has truly been a total 100% positive. First time in a very very very long time that I can say that.
1 - I had a GREAT interview with a Headhunter for an amazing opportunity with a Big Law Firm
2 - I FINALLY heard back from another company (A Non-Profit) that I interviewed with 3 weeks ago - and I am moving on to their final round, which is a case study
3 - I thoroughly marveled in watching my horse work today - on the lunge, in side reins - and the enjoyment I saw that he was having.
4 - My SO landed an incredible opportunity in terms of work. He has been at it for a month now.  While it is a major change for our relationship - it is a good one and the time we have together is total quality.  And more then anything else: He is happy. He is enthusiastic. He knows what kind of opportunity this is. That makes me more happy then anything else.
This is what I was greeted with when I came around the corner of the barn this afternoon:

Chester: "Awwww, C'Mon Mom...REALLY?!"
If I didn't know any better - I would have told you that it was the end of May back there. No wind, sunny, calm, WARM...the majority of the motley crue were all lying down.  Not going to lie, I did feel guilty in making him get up. BUT - let me tell you how GLAD I was in doing so...because I saw, first hand, just how STIFF and ouchie he is after being immobile for any length of time.  Eye-Opening.
So, it changed my approach for the day.  I let him loose in the arena so he could walk out a bit. Then I stuck him on the lunge line...there was no sign of stiffness/lameness at all.  So, I threw the lunging surcingle on him with the side reins...after another couple of minutes, I did up the side reins and this is what I saw: a horse, completely at ease, moving easily, fluidly, symmetrically and ENJOYING what he was being asked to do.  He kept his head low - there was slack in the side reins - his mouth was frothy, his nostrils were vibrating and he would snort every so often.  It was pure enjoyment for me to watch him work.  He looked amazing.
I tested him a little bit...bet you didn't know he could go trot-halt-trot on the lunge did you?!  Neither did I.  His eye was on me the entire time, his ear cocked in my direction and he simply did everything I asked, willingly and more importantly happily.  Not only did I LOVE seeing this, but I also made a joke of it to him...  "See, this is your reward for being a good boy:  my ass not flopping around up there while you work." If I didn't know any better, I think he understood me.
After our lunge, we went for a hand-walk up and down the driveway - since that is where we are banished to until the ground firms up - and again, he was HAPPY.  The pickle stayed out the entire time we were walking.  I let him graze for a bit and used my hands to 'curry'/massage him all over...and we really simply enjoyed each other's company.  That horse knows more about me then anyone else.  He knows all my secret hopes, dreams, fears.  I think when he snorts when we are out walking, it is his way of telling me his secret hopes, dreams, fears...
Things always get worse before they get better.  They have been pretty 'worse' for me for a long time.  Today, there was no worse, bad, stressed, sad, there was only enjoyment.
Go Enjoy your horse and truly understand what sort of joy that can bring to you both....
I Love My Pickle...


  1. You made me smile. Thanks. Here's to continued good news in and out of the barn.

    - Sarah

  2. You made ME smile too!! THANK-YOU.
    I hope everyone experiences these sorts of days...

  3. that is so sweet, and is what being a horse person truly all about:)

  4. Thanks Kellogs!!
    I agree with you completely. It isn't about the ribbons, the shows, the results...it is about truly understanding what kind of joy your horse can bring to you.