Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ho Hum...

It is hard to find things to write about right now...when Chester isn't doing anything except being confined in solitary.  I keep having to move his pen though because he chews up the ground so quickly and ends up standing in mud.  I am sure he is loving every second of that.

Actually - keeping him outside - although in his tiny pen - is the best thing for him!  I couldn't imagine what keeping him inside in his stall would have done to him again, especially when the weather is getting nice.  He is not necessarily happy, but not necessarily unhappy either...I take him out to hand graze a couple times a day for 45 - 60 minutes up by the other horses.  He really enjoys that.  His walk is much much more free now...I am itching to see him trot, but, I'm not going to even go there. 

I also bring him into the indoor at least once a day so he can walk around a bit.  He rolls the instant he is off the lead line.  Rather then walking around the arena and stretching his legs though, he would rather come over to where I am sitting and get me to scratch his shoulders.  He hangs his head over my shoulder, looks out the big door and twitches his lip.  We stay like that until my fingers cramp from scratching him for a long time.  It is as close to a hug as he can give me.

I think he appreciates the time I spend with him.  It still breaks my heart to look at him knowing what we should be doing right now.  We went to John's yesterday to xc school and I could hardly look at him while we were loading the trailer.  He stood there, head up, ears pricked and looked at us with a little bit of resentment. I swear that horse knows how to speak English. 

His next Shockwave is scheduled for either next Friday (while I am at Bromont) or on the Monday following.  just have to check with BO to see if she would mind bringing him in from his cell on the Friday.  After seeing how non-challant he was about the whole thing, I feel confident in not having to be there for it.  My DVME goes on mat leave at the end of the month (and I am freaking out about that) and the the last thing she will do, is administer Chester's final Shockwave on the 29th or 39th of June.  I don't know what I am going to do without her....

Here are some pics from John's place:

Jen and Bridgette!

No Bridgette - there are no horse-eating-monsters in that ditch

John riding Tia...one of the boarders horses.
I've been riding one of the schoolies at the barn - who is for sale, the horse can jump 4' from a standstill! - which has been keeping me entertained.  AND, because John, my xc coach is freaking amazing and has been looking out for me - when we were at his place yesterday, he put me in contact with someone who has a TB/Han mare for a free lease.  John started the horse a couple years ago, knows it annnnd it could potentially be a really good fit for me.  We are going to be cautiously optimistic.  He called the owner yesterday, and in another little bit, I am going to give her a shout.  Hopefully I'll get out to see her this afternoon or tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that I will have something to ride soon!

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