Friday, May 13, 2011


Look what arrived for Chester and I from South of the border the other day...
No smartasses - it wasn't the beer, it was the bumper sticker...
You know - there is something to be said for those of us here in the horse world.  I have never ever met the infamous Eventer79 OR Solo...but, you can bet your butt I would do anything for either one of them if I could.  EV79 has been commenting and providing guidance and a not so logical approach to the whole Chester situation and it is because of people like her that makes going through this ordeal with Chester that much easier.

THANK YOU - and the bumper sticker will be transplanted to my tack trunk ASAP!!


  1. Woooot! Wow, that is so cool to see our sticker with a Canadian computer! Hahahaha, we're going to have to upgrade you to better beer though.

    Thank you so much for your ever-so-kind words! Solo and I are honoured to be on the tack trunk of an Ecogold celebrity!

  2. lol - You think I'm an EcoGold celebrity eh...? Why, THANKS!! Just give me another couple days and then you'll be blown away!! There is a Top Secret Project about to launch...and I might be calling on your expertise...shhhhhh, don't tell anyone...yet.

    As for the beer - I know I know - it is a guilty summer pleasure...