Monday, May 9, 2011

And, So It Begins...

Tomorrow is going to be my very own TSN turning point.

DVME comes tomorrow to take the second set of  xays.  Part of me wants there to be a bone problem - because then we will know for certain the cause of Chester's lameness.  Part of me doesn't want it to be bone, because, well, that would suck for Chester.


I have had a hectic past couple of days - hard to believe for someone who is unemployed, I know, but trust me is completely the truth - and haven't ridden Flick since last week.  But I will tomorrow...well, I guess I will decide if I am going to ride her or not tomorrow once the rays have been taken.  The Boss is also coming...I like having her there to keep her eye on things...and to try to make sure I don't react in a completely irrational emotional way...not that I would ever do that of course.

If only it were that easy...

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