Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Not Bone...

Chester supervising...as per usual.
There was a part of me today, that really really wanted to see something significantly different in Chester's x-rays. Please let it be bone, please let it be bone, please let it be bone....Bone, is easier to deal with, it is pinpoint-able and special shoeing can do wonders.

No. Such.  Luck.

DVME checking his legs out

His Rads this afternoon were pretty much identical to they looked like 3 months ago.  While I was somewhat relieved to know that we can actually 100% confirm what is causing Cheter's lameness, it is also somewhat like being stabbed in the heart.  There is absolutely nothing we can do right now (except follow protocol and administer Shockwave Therapy) except give him the time he needs to heal.  The absolute earliest I am looking at being able to get on him is July.  Then, it will be nothing but walking for another month or two, then trotting maybe in September and then well, who knows.

That horse of mine was in one of his typical quirky moods this afternoon for sure...at one point, he had both front feet on the x-ray board, was snorting profusely at the playdough used to pack his hoof and trying to untie the strings of DVME's xray smock.  She did say he looked good and happy...which was nice to hear considering his predicament.  I honestly think that it is because he is still able to go outside.  I truly do.  So long as he is being quiet and not acting like a doorknob, he gets to stay out.  The second he starts acting up, that privilege is being taken away...I have threatened warned him about this numerous times.
So, now we know for sure it is soft tissue damage, we have already booked him for his first Shockwave therapy session.  It will be on Friday, May 20, then the second and third treatments will each be 3 weeks apart. 
I almost feel like saying....here goes nothing...