Wednesday, February 16, 2011

X-Rays It Is...

After lunging Chester yesterday, to the left, he was the right, he took a couple hesitant steps, got better, then got progressively worse to the point where he was head bobbing dead lame. Again. Rather, I should say 'still'. Eff!
When I updated DVME, her response: Okay, this has gone on long enough (SINCE DECEMBER 30th..!!!!), we have to x-ray and find out what is going on. When do you want me to come? 
So, she is coming today at 1:00.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep well last night. 
I gave her the heads-up that if it is bad, I might have a breakdown (ha - and with her knowing me too well) she goes: It will be fine. It's just assurance of why he is so sore. Fingers Crossed.
Barn Owner told me that smiling releases endorphins that are good for you...I gave her a death stare, but then couldn't help myself, because she is right. 
Please just be an annoying abscess, please just be an annoying abscess, please just be an annoying abscess...


  1. Voting for abscess! The broken horse club over here is really sucky, I advise against joining.

  2. Dude - you have no idea what I went through today...actually, you probably do!! All signs point to abscess.
    I'm updating now and waiting on the jpegs of his xrays to add to my post.
    And yes, I would NOT like to join the broken horse club, thanks though. That club sounds like it sucks.
    My fingers are crossed for you and Solo!