Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ahhh Bute...

I have a love hate relationship with Bute.
Yesterday, I had a clean legged, no heat anywhere, dressage-trot/prance-to-die-for-while-free-lunging, super spunky, not taking a wrong step anywhere and 'up' horse....annnnnd yesterday was also his last day on Bute.  Now. Before I go getting all excited, I really had to count to 10 - again - and assess my situation. (Sidebar - how come, when horses act like lunatics, you can see that Dressage-trot-to-die-for, but then you sit on them and it is impossible to achieve...?! I mean really Chester, I know you can trot a 10, why the hell won't you do it for ME?!...anyways...)  Chester, had been on Bute for the past 5 days...in my mind I was super excited.  The logical part of me went: 'Now Carrie, he has been on Bute which is more then likely the reason you have no heat, swelling and he is acting like a maniac.' Yes, logic, I know you are probably right, but geeze - let me have my 5 seconds!!!
DVME said that now we will see what happens as the Bute comes out of his system.  If he continues to act in the same 'look at me I'm a dressage horse that can passage on my own' manner, then we will know we are headed in the right direction.  If the ever dreaded heat, swelling, stiffness, ouchiness returns, then we will know something is still wrong. Let's not hope it is the latter eh?
This morning - he was exactly the same as he was last night.  No heat anywhere, his feet were cold, no strong digital pulse, standing on all 4 legs with even weight, he looked happier and still was moving out fine. 
There has been no bute in his system since 6pm last night.
Fingers Crossed.
Tonight we will see if there is any change.
In the Meantime, Chester says:  "Hi Everyone!!"               
He looks like a baby doesn't he...? Don't let
him fool you though...

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