Friday, February 18, 2011


8: The number of days left for Chester to blow the abscess using our new poultice mix of: bran, Epsom Salt, DMSO and Listerine and until we upgrade to the ever dreaded 'Mystery Lameness'.
7: The number of times I ask myself a day what really is wrong with Chester.
6: The number of x-rays taken that showed he didn't necessarily have an abscess, but didn't confirm he did..
5: The number of people who ask me a day how Chester is doing.
4: The number of Industrial sized Duct-Tape rolls I have purchased in the past 3 weeks
3: Hundred dollars and change spent on: duct tape, Animal Intex Pads, vet wrap, bran, Epsom Salt, DMSO, Listerine and Bute (No joke.)
2: Hundred and 65 dollars spent on x-rays and a call fee
1: Very frustrated/stressed out owner.

The GOOD news, is that he was feeling pretty good this morning, no heat in any of his feet, but better yet... by some small miracle, the poultice boot is still very much on, intact and actually keeping it all together!  In the meantime, I am going to try NOT to think about it until NEXT Saturday...however, we can still use all the extra good Karma that people have lying around.
Enjoy the warm weather everyone!


  1. Ah, how closely acquainted I have been to the stress reduction kit the last few weeks. Drink a margarita, it helps. Chester will be ok, he has a good owner on the case. You are welcome to join my veterinary induced poverty club at any time. It could be could have to buy Ulcerguard, LOL!

  2. Bahahahaha - If you mean the Ulcerguard is for me, I have bought it already... ;-)
    As for membership in your club - if there is a special membership for 'un-employed' veterinary induced poverty...then, sign me up!!
    Chester WILL be okay - I know is just making sure I remain okay in the process! Ha!