Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Can't Win to Lose...!

Something that I have done, at one point in my life, must have REALLY pissed someone off. I am just trying to rack my brain as to what....I think there is a saying that when things are bad they are really bad. Annnnd that about sums up what has been going on since about November of last year...even more so recently. Not only with Chester, but with EVERYTHING. It has literally been one thing after another after another after another. I have no idea what I have done to be on the receiving end of Bad Karma, but at this point it is getting to be a little bit like Ben Stiller's character in Meet the Fockers...EVERYTHING that you THINK can go wrong, does.
Last Wednesday, I had an interview in Toronto...and it was the day that we had a massive snow storm. So, rather then spending $12 on public transit to get to downtown Toronto for 9:00 a.m. I had to spend $68 (which I don't have) to take VIA Rail. Most expensive interview I have ever been on.
We go skiing last weekend. I am driving and get pulled over. Why? Ohhh, because I have been driving around with an expired licence since December 2009. I had no idea. The amount for that offence: $315. Yesterday afternoon, I wasn't able to get it resolved because - shockingly enough - I was given the run around by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Imagine that? Getting the run around from a government agency. At this point I have paid the $150 reinstatement fee and now have to wait for my significant other to get home so we can drive 45 minutes to pay the OTHER $75 to have my licence renewed...So, almost $600 (that I don't have in the first place) later I am going to be able to drive again. Awesome. (That is total sarcasm.)
Chester - DVME came out on Sunday - prior to the Superbowl - trusty hoof pinchers in hand.
And she was able to get a pretty strong reaction out of him - which almost ended up with me getting a knee to the head - when she pressed on his sole on the outside of his frog and outside hoof wall...I hope I explained that right...This reaction is a good thing. He will be more sensitive because he is barefoot and we have been soaking his foot for almost 2 weeks so it is quite soft. The reaction also tells us a couple of different things: What I thought I saw last Saturday on the poultice pad...more then likely wasn't the 'burst' I had been waiting to see and that he more then likely does have an abscess. DVME also said that she has had to wait up to 3 weeks sometimes before an abscess has burst. Thursday morning will be the 2 week mark. That will also mark the day when we change from using the InexAnimal Poultice pad to a mix of bran, DMSO and Epsom salt. Geeze - hopefully it doesn't come down to that! He has also developed a bit of an attitude problem...which I am not making excuses for him, but I can understand why. I wouldn't want to be locked in my stall, grumpy and ouchie for almost 2 weeks either. I feel bad for him. He was pretty ouchie yesterday which DVME also said is a good thing. It tells us that the damn abscess is on the move.
I am hoping everything gets turned around soon. I am just about ready to throw in the towel. It is hard to try and remain positive when you are surround by negative responses, trying situations and just plain bad luck. It's almost to the point where if I don't laugh at it, I will end up in tears. Buuuut - I am not finding a lot funny at the moment. I also feel bad for Aaron who is unfortunately for him getting nowhere in his attempts to cheer me up. Poor guy.
They also say that it is the shit things in life that you go through that makes you enjoy the good things. I have had about enough of the shit and am hoping for the good to start happening soon.

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