Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Success...I think...

I THINK the stinkin abscess has burst! On Saturday afternoon, I was heading out for there second time to soak and change the poultice on Chester's foot. He was pretty ouchie when I took him out of his stall for his hand walk around the arena. (I think this horse would be happy living inside. He just stands there, eats his hay and is as happy as can be.) He warmed out of it, but there was significant limping. When I took the poultice pad off, there was all this oozie, light brown well, ooze, that looked almost like gel. REALLY...?! I think the damn thing burst!!! As I rand my thumb over his heel, the ooze just poured out of a hole on his heel right by his coronary band. SUCCESS!!! He stood in the soak like a champ...I really think that it feels good for him which is why he is finally standing there like a good boy. After the soak, there was still tons of ooze...poor Chester.
Yesterday, was his best day by far!! There was no heat or swelling in his leg and the only place that I felt heat was on his coronary band and in his foot...but that might have been from the poultice too. He just marched out of his stall and proceeded to walk around the arena on his own. Annnd then he started running around like a moron so I put a stop to that. The Boss came out to check on us quickly. She said I was doing everything right and to keep going with it! Love getting the positive reinforcement - especially from someone as knowledgeable. Makes me feel like I sort of but kind of not really know what I am doing when I am charged with taking care of a living being...
Farrier comes tomorrow (during snowmagedon) to put his shoe on and maaayyyybe he can go out side on Thursday and maaayyybbbbe I will ride him on Friday. We will see.
I'm off shortly to check on him - fingers crossed he is better then yesterday!!!
Speaking of snowmagedon - I am supposed to be in downtown Toronto tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. for a meeting...ha, good luck to me...If I actually have to go, I am going to take VIA...and it will be the most damn expensive meeting I have ever been too...sigh...
More soon (and in sooner then 4 days, I promise.)
For people in the Toronto Area: PREPARE YOUR SHOVELS FOR BATTLE!!


  1. it definitely sounds like the abscess burst! nice. those things are disgusting but when they burst it's like instant relief for the horse.

  2. OMG Kate - It was one of the most gross things I have ever seen!! Literally, a waterfall of ooze out of his heel. He was walking a million times better, but he is still a little off (FRUSTRATING!@#!!) There is no more drainage right now, so I am hoping in the next couple of days, the exit wounds will close up, we can put his shoe back on and he will be good to go!
    Fingers Crossed!!