Friday, February 11, 2011


Chester is on the mends...!!! Right...?!
Wellll, sort of.
I go get him today from his field and as I am walking towards him, I see red.  Not the red that glimmers on his coat in the summer that makes him look like the sun, but the colour red that runs from a cut on the inside of his front left leg. I mean, come on REALLY?! I feel like this horse can have his own segment on SNL's  Weekend Update titled 'Really?!'. Geeeeeze.
Upon further inspection, there was a tiny nick which wasn't bleeding anymore.  There was however a bump, 1/2 the size of my thumb on the inside lower part of his leg about 2 inches up from his ankle. Come on horse, REALLY? No swelling, no heat, and no heat/swelling in his foot either. Thankfully.
So, I cleaned it out, put some bag balm on it and wrapped him up.  I wanted to punch him.
The game plan is as follows:
~ continue on with 1/2 day turn out (unless he gives me a reason otherwise, which at this point I am seriously contemplating having him stay in for the rest of his life), until Monday when my wonderfully patient and understanding farrier will come out and tack his shoe back on.
~ lunge him (with side reins) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
~ on Thursday, lunge him and if he doesn't have any hesitation in his step, then I will ride him.
Makes sense?
Because time really isn't of the essence, I can take my time. I want to ensure his foot is fully hardened before I get on him, he is done being sore and takes no hesitation when he puts his FL foot down.
Fingers Crossed.
I get to move jumps tomorrow...from outside (and from all over the xc field) into the arena.  We have an SJ clinic on Sunday....sigh - which I will be taking pictures of and not riding in.
Next time, Chester, next time.
Stay Warm!

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