Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well - it has been 6 days since our arrival at the new barn....what a difference 6 days makes.
I have a happy horse. One who is back to being bright eyed, inquisitive and a general pain in my ass. He is alert to what is going on around him, loving the attention he is receiving from his many admirers. He is at ease, calm and relaxed. Knock on wood, there is very little soreness left in his hips. More on his left side then his right. He is determined to become a brown horse now that I have taken his blanket off....there was even mud in his forelock yesterday, explain that to me....the Kool Koat I ended up buying for him was a little bit snug around the shoulders and it gave him some rub marks, so said horse has been enjoying turning brown for the past week and really pissing me off in the process. I will attempt to get to the tack shop that sells them (about 40 mins away) on Friday to get one that fits, (more so to make my life a LOT easier).
We jumped yesterday for the first time in a month!! Wait, let me rephrase that...we went over teeeny tiiinnny ittttyyyyy biiitttyyyy jumps that were 18 inches high...but, Chester loved every second of it...canter QUIETLY to the base, teeny hop over, canter QUIETLY away...we jumped 5 times and I called it at that. YAY PICKLE! :-)
May 16th - xc schooling...where I am DETERMINED to make Chester more brave and get over his absolute FEAR of water...and logs and rocks and trees and everything in general
May 29th - the plan is still on fro Grandview...if Chester can be 100% by the closing date, we are THERE.
Day off for the Pickle today, I don't want to push it too much, so I will drag the two legged red head with me this evening out to see the four legged red head...they can visit while I pamper Chester with his daily 10 minute hip massage...now, all I have to do is convince the two legged red head to give me daily 10 minute massages.

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