Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please Think POSITIVE For Us...

It was 6 weeks ago today, that Chester got hurt.
6 weeks ago when it all came to a crashing halt.
6 weeks ago when I had let Chester down and not been able to protect him.
6 weeks ago that my super sensitive, smart and talented Partner in Crime took a blow, both physically and mentally.

Today is the day NONE of that matters anymore and as someone put it to me: In the grand scheme of things, this is a tiny bump in the road.
Yesterday, there was wind, there was rain, there was a Partnership being reformed.
I get to the barn last night with one goal in mind. Have fun, ride on the buckle and Hack. Eff you weather, Eff you.
Regardless of the windstorm that was going on outside, I was determined to go on a hack, even if it was for only 10 minutes.
After the breakthrough (for lack of better words) on Monday night, I felt renewed and thinking nothing but positive thoughts about Chester and what we are planning to accomplish over the next 6 months. As I was walking up the lane way to the barn, Chester has his head over his door, sees that I am coming and doesn't take his eyes off of me. I am greeted with an outstretched neck and head cocked to the side...reminds me of days of old...cute.
Tack up time. Running my hands all over his neck, back and hips, he doesn't flinch. Not. One. Bit. I massage his hips (like Lori showed me the night before) and put on the saddle and girth...nothing. No flinching, no irritation, nothing.
I get on and off we go...he is walking, and walking ouuuutttt. Fast. Head and neck up, being a tourist and paying attention to everything except where he needs to be looking. We walk for about 20 minutes...should I try it...yep, okay, let's trot...I stay in 2-point, off his back...loose rein...keeps a nice (somewhat quicker then normal but steady) trot. He's still looking around, snorting and having fun. Then...he decides he feels like cantering...and it was great....continue on in 2 point (my freaking abs were on FIRE), him snorting along to himself, clearly having a good time.
It. Was. SUPER.
The boss comes tonight to assess. Supposed to be going xc schooling on Saturday, but only if he is 100%...
The Vet comes on Sunday to make sure he is on the ups and see if there is anything else we need to be doing for him.

I am POSITIVE Chester is better.
I am POSITIVE we WILL be at Killusty on Saturday for xc schooling.
I am POSITIVE we will be at Grandview as scheduled on May 29 for Chester's debut.
I am POSITIVE Chester and I will achieve the goals I have set out for us.
I am POSITIVE Chester trusts me and knows I won't steer him wrong.
I am POSITIVE Chester is and always will be the horse I love the most.

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