Monday, May 17, 2010


What is amazing to me, is the fact I am getting emails from people I don't even know, who for whatever reason, ended up following this blog.

To ALL of you - THANK YOU SO MUCH and I am completely taken aback by the support from people that I have never met. I did get a GREAT email from Aaron's mom on the weekend:
"I had the time to read the update, and like your dad said, it is a set back that can have other positive results. He certainly knows all the right things to say and he is spot on! So, everyone will have to wait a little longer for the two of you to show them what a fantastic duo you are when you kick their uppity asses" - LOL, she is GREAT!!

I also got an email from my mom, whose tone was a little different, but basically saying the same thing. "Don't beat yourself up, he will be fine, move on from it."

I am just in the midst of typing up his prognosis/treatment and will have that up shortly.

Thanks again everyone - it is truly amazing to know there are people out there who are following Chester and I!!

Chin-up & Kick-on

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