Monday, May 10, 2010

Why I Love My Dad So Much...And my Friends

After being really upset for the past couple of days when it comes to my Partner In Crime, I get this email back from my dad after he read my earlier post:

"WELL, you realize what you have to do - and THAT is important. And you realize what you CAN'T do - which is get mad at him. So, you are learning too. He may not understand English, but you can sure bet that he understands your tone of voice. So, you DO know what to do.
Good lesson about jumping - to conclusions."

I love my Dad.

Oh - I should also mention that a girl I know, who is VERY black and White also had the following comments: Duuuude - I just read the most 'down' blog post I have read in my ENTIRE life." Followed up with "You're being hard on yourself. I know they can;t talk and its been six weeks since it happened so for all you knew he was being a dick." And my favourite: "In the grand scheme of things...this will end up being a tiny bump in the road."
Pretty wise for someone who is 22...

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