Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let's Boogie...

....and Boogie we did.
In keeping with The Boss' instructions, we had fun last night!! Chester was a 'horse' and I was literally hanging on for the ride. The idea was to have a fun ride, let Chester do what he felt like doing (because he has been working super hard lately) and give him a couple good gallop sets. Can you believe that I have never - and I am not exaggerating - ever galloped Chester before?! We have done numerous canter/trot sets, but, I have never asked him to open up. So, last night, I asked him to open up...and wow - HE CAN BOOGIE! And, he LOVES it. And, he still manages to find time to spook at a cardboard box that was lying on the ground. I don't know how he does it. So - note to self for the weekend - I need a solid lower leg the entire time around the course, regardless if we are trotting the whole thing or not. If I am going to get the Big 'X' is going to be because I fell off at a jump, NOT because I fell off on a straight away. Ha. I have no idea how he manages to jump sideways when he is galloping. I might have to invest in a neck strap.
I *think* he is over his fear of water. Let me rephrase - I think he is over his fear of puddles. There was a downpour yesterday afternoon for about 15 minutes and it just dumped down. There were massive puddles everywhere and Chester just walked right on through them and didn't try to hop over them or half ass around them. Good Boy Pickle!
Along the side of the drive way, there is a little hill/ditch that runs from the barns down the paddock to the road - sort of hard to explain and I will try to take a picture so it make more sense...anyways, I make a point of walking Chester down, over and up this 'hill & ditch' every day we ride, simply so he gets used to ditches...that is the idea anyway. Yesterday, I figured we would trot it and I fully expected him to stop...he didn't!! and just keep trotting up and down the entire time. Proud of him again.
In The Boss' words "Trust him a little more". So I will trust him...but still will keep all the doors closed.
More soon.
3 days and counting....

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