Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Countdown that SHOULD have been...IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!

Well, since last post, I have ridden the Pickle Friday, Saturday and last night. So, let's start with that...
Friday - I ended up riding in the indoor, simply because it was HOT out, but there was an awesome breeze coming through there, so I figured to stay out of the sun it would be a good idea...Chester on the other hand, didn't necessarily agree with me on that. I did a LOT of transitions, I mean A LOT..I am trying to maintain the consistency of keeping his head down when I ask...and of course, it is all my fault when it doesn't go as planned. I still haven't mastered the technique yet, but I am working diligently on it. I really think that I have to have him in front of my leg more to be able to maintain his proper head frame...
Saturday - Conditioning...and he was feeling pretty spunky - not spooky per say, but definitely 'up'...HUGE trot strides, HUGE canter strides, he ate up the track and the hill...very proud of him. We even cantered for about 4 minutes as that is the time of our xc course on the weekend.
Last Night - In the jumper ring - I was working on keeping him in front of my leg and keeping my hands and body QUIET...easier said then done...we were fighting a little bit and I hated it. We jumped for about 15 minutes at the end...and he was pretty good - got a little 'hot' on the landing side, but we managed it. Again, if I can stay quiet, off his back and let him move freely under me, I think we will be okay.
The Boss Comes Tonight!!!
As for the rest of the week, my plan for the moment (Boss might change that depending on how it goes tonight) is this:
Lesson tonight
Wednesday - Dressage movements /conditioning
Thursday - off
Friday - Lesson
Saturday - Dressage movements & ride the test (unless we ride the test for the boss in our lesson Friday.)
Saturday he will have his spa day and I think the plan is to take him up to The Boss' and Kelly's barn so we don't have to come South and then backtrack all the way North again to get to Lane's End.

Update tomorrow about tonight...it will be interesting to see how he is today after last night...I seriously need Joyce to plant an ear piece into my ear so she can talk me through everything...ha - I don't think that is allowed though.

Oh - Poor Pickle will be getting made fun of again now...because he has his cool koat on... awww - although it will make my life a million times easier, I am sure all the other horses are going 'nice blanket pussy'...

More soon.

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