Thursday, July 8, 2010


As in, I was sweating changing from work clothes to barn clothes.
Not much to report, other then it is HAAT...
We went on a walking hack last night and the poor dude was sweating before we even made it out of the front field....i did cheat a little bit though and had a quiet canter for about 30 seconds...I think he liked it, he definitely wasn't complaining about it.
Today is worse then yesterday...I was going to attempt to lunge him in side reins, but that might not be an option. Maybe only for 10 minutes depending on the weather....
More later....
Dreamcrest is on Sunday....sigh...that was supposed to be Chester's first Pre-Training....ah well, I can't dwell on the 'supposed to ofs'...we're going to watch though.
More soon.

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