Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Pretty Grim..

That calendar you see ticking away when you look at the right of your screen...has been my nemesis.  I can tell you - probably close to the second, how much time is left until the 90 days has passed.

27 and change.

There has been no improvement in Chester.  He still shuffles, he still can't turn in small circles, he can't trot and he is sore as hell when he comes out of his stall in the morning. I would have expected to see some improvement by now.  The reality, is that there is none.  He seems content enough - although when you love to run and jump, I am not too sure how content you can be.  It breaks my heart to look at him, even more so now then it did in February when he was depressed and shriveled up in his stall.

My gut is telling me our hopes and goals won't be accomplished...that is the hardest thing to come to terms with.  Yes, Chester is hurt, probably for the rest of his life, but he will manage.  My barn owner explained it this way:  Think of someone who has to walk with a cane.  While they might not move as freely and supple as people who don't need one, they manage.  And, they get through life just fine.

I'm speaking with DVME tomorrow.  We're supposed to have one more shockwave session on July 5.  Not sure at this point if it is even worth it to do!  But, considering I'm already thousands in the hole when it comes to The Pickle, what's $400 more? 

Chester's life,more then likely, is now going to consist of him living in a field with a 27 year old buddy to keep him company.  Well, at least I own the nicest looking lawn ornament in town.

I could think of worse things....

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