Monday, March 29, 2010

Unexpected Compliments...

I almost forgot the second best thing about the weekend...okay, maybe third best thing.

I have the very very bad habit of being too tense when I ride. (I like to say it is because I am concentrating...but that excuse never seems to work.) Chester is super sensitive (over time as we develop our partnership, we will be able to be so in tune, I will be able to use my weight for transitions, balance etc...he rocks...anyways), so, the more tense I am, the more rigid he is and we fight, and 9 times out of 10 he will win. The Boss will say to me at least once a lesson "You're too tense, I can see him freaking out underneath you. Are you breathing?! I don't think you are! Get it together", I love her.

So The Boss is watching one of my rounds and a woman leans over to her and goes 'Your student looks so relaxed up on that big horse'...I just about DIED when she told me that...yay ME!

What was the first best thing?: How amazing Chester was. I am so proud of him as he took his first step in becoming a Big Boy.
What was the second best thing?: Being able to xc school on a whim.

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