Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Things that I have done over the past 3.5 weeks since I have been off:
1. Ride during the day
2. Eat dinner before 9:00 p.m.
3. Walk - regularly - almost daily - with Aaron
4. Appreciate the smaller things in life
5. Have lessons (during the day).
The Daylight makes everything better...I find I am at my worst when it is dark out. That is when all the bad thoughts and 'what-ifs' go through my head. I friggin hate what ifs.
We have a lesson tomorrow and then we are headed to the US for the American Thanksgiving for a couple days...get to see my dad, extended family and SHOP...Hooray for Black Friday!
The Pickle was a good boy today - once I was able to get his attention and focus. There were trucks bringing in the footing for the new arena(WHICH WE GET TO RIDE IN BY THIS TIME TOMORROW NIGHT!!! HOOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!), it was super windy so the doors were all banging against the frames, causing him to freak out, AND the sun was juuust at the right height to be coming in through the plexi-glass to shine right into my eyes as we were riding. It was a good time...
I am excited for our lesson tomorrow....1/2 circles, bring it!
More soon.

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