Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Weekend!!

Well, maybe it didn't start off that way....but it ended on a high.

Thursday saw the Pickle having the day off so I could hang out with my 2 legged main man. We went on a date, had some fish&chips, beer and a good time
Friday morning I get up and leave for work as per the usual. I get onto the highway, drive for about 3 minutes and my tire bursts..not a slow leaking flat, but absolutely BURSTS. Thankfully I was only a couple minutes out of town and although I fishtailed, there was no one around, I didn't hit the median and no one got hurt. It could have been much worse then it turned out to be. Long story short, I end up spending $300 on a tow and used tire all before 9:00 a.m....I guess the good way to look at it is I paid $300 to have a long weekend...At this point in time though, I would have rather saved the $300...brutal.
Friday afternoon's ride was great! I am riding outside as much as I can now, because I would say in the next week or so - riding outside after work - is going to be a thing of the past until next Spring. We worked on being nemesis...and I would just keep my legs on, give Chester a little check to the jump and let him find his way there. It is good to school over little jumps, so that we can practice our footwork and not worry about a monster fence sitting in front of us!
Saturday - what a day that was!! I broke out the dressage saddle and really worked on connecting with him, strengthening his trot work, receptiveness to my aids and of course, riding him properly from back to front...I really think it isn't a fluke anymore and I am really understanding how to ride him better. :-) I am sure he appreciates me for it. We did some leg yielding, some shoulder in and and trying haunches in - but I need the boss' help for that one so I know I am doing it properly. All in all, it was a superb ride and one that I will hope to keep building upon.
Sunday - I was uh - not really in the state of mind to be bouncing around at anything faster then a, we went on an amazing hack...the weather was beautiful and we were out there for a good 90 minutes. Walking the entire way - well, we did have a little canter in one of the back fields and it was totally heavenly. Jen's property is amazing and it also is a working cash crop farm. You can hack alllll the way back to the 401...and, as the picture shows - you are pretty close to it! :-)
If it is possible for me to love Chester any more then I already do, it is on days like Sunday...
It is hard to make out, but that is the 'Cobourg' sign on the 401 looking East-bound as you are coming into town. I'm literally at the edge of Jen's huh? On our way back, I popped him over a couple of the tiny xc jumps out in the field, just for fun...I should have reminded myself though, that my leg has to be on...because as we were coming into a tiny log - at a trot - I was ho humming it and he decided to ho hum it himself...and came to a stop in front of mistake...and it was a big, we came at it again with more enthusiasm and he was his normal brave self...

Schooling tonight - I know we won't be able to be outside - stupid sun going down earlier now - so I am going to set up a gymnastic line and school over that...hopefully someone is around and can help set jumps for me. If not, then I will make an oxer and work on his front end...

More soon!

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